Discover the Inspiration Behind Fusion Mineral Paint

Meet Jennylyn

Growing up surrounded by rainbow-colored cans and fan decks, I was immersed in the world of paint from a young age. My parents’ company, Homestead House, launched their Milk Paint line when I was just three years old, and this ignited my passion for design and creativity.


In 2009, when I took over the family business, I began taking on renovation projects and discovered the beauty of collaboration. Soon, colleagues and clients were seeking my advice on color and design. This inspired me to create Fusion Mineral Paint, the first of its kind in the DIY market. I wanted to provide a paint that was more manageable for small projects, yet still delivered exceptional durability, quality, and performance at a fair price.

At Fusion Mineral Paint, we believe that everyone deserves to create the home of their dreams through the transformative power of paint. Not only does paint have the ability to breathe new life into furniture, but it can also spark creativity, provide a sense of calm, and a renewed sense of accomplishment. By upcycling items in your home, you can also make a positive impact on the environment.

We sell our products exclusively to independently-owned boutiques around the world, supporting our philosophy of empowering small and local businesses. Our brand is rooted in the values of my parents’ company and the struggles they faced as a small business. Join us in our mission to support local businesses and transform your space with Fusion Mineral Paint.

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I’ve had the great fortune of working with many incredible and talented people in the industry over the last 10 years. These experiences and my entrepreneurial nature led me to create Fusion™ Mineral Paint in 2014. My philosophy here is that anyone can Paint it Beautiful™ so I developed a product that made upcycling as easy as could be. Open the container of Fusion™, and paint!

At the end of the day, it is incredible to come back to a place that feels comfortable and oh-so-you. My goal is to inspire you create your own beautiful space at home.


We believe in the power of small businesses, and that’s why we choose to exclusively partner with independent boutiques worldwide. As a family business, we understand the struggles of entrepreneurship and the importance of supporting local communities. Our brand is dedicated to honoring our parents’ legacy and ensuring that small and local businesses thrive. Join us in our mission to support the backbone of our economy and make a difference in your community.

As a travel and food enthusiast, I always stay true to my passion for Fusion™. I have personally met with over 500 retailers across North America and Europe, networking and building relationships. Even as a child, I traveled with my parents across Ontario, visiting our stores and their displays. These days, even if it’s over Zoom, I cherish the face-to-face time. As a family-run company based in Canada, we are dedicated to supporting local jobs and the economy through our innovative Fusion Mineral Paint™ products.