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We’re certain that once you try it, you’ll fall in love with Fusion™.
Order a Retailer Trial Kit once you’ve placed an application and start falling in love…if you haven’t already!



Looking to turn your passion for painting into a successful business? Look no further than Fusion Mineral Paint™. Our family-run company has been a trusted name in the DIY marketplace for over 30 years, providing innovative, high-quality products that keep customers coming back.

As a Fusion Retailer, you’ll enjoy more than just our top-of-the-line paint and accessories. Our commitment to supporting independent businesses and building lasting relationships with our partners makes us an easy choice for customers looking to support local shops.

Discover more about our family business and the story behind Fusion Mineral Paint™. Start your journey towards success today with Fusion™.

Meet Jennylyn Pringle

The President of Homestead House Paint Co. and the CEO of Fusion Mineral Paint™. With over 30 years of experience in the paint industry, I have a deep understanding of what it takes to create and sell a top-quality product.

My passion for paint led me to launch Fusion Mineral Paint™ in 2014, a complete range of paint and decorative faux finishing products designed for DIY enthusiasts. As a lifelong painter, I developed an excellent background in product knowledge, paint composition, and application techniques.

As a retailer and entrepreneur myself, I understand what it takes to succeed in the competitive paint business. At Fusion Mineral Paint™, we are committed to providing our retailers with the highest quality products, excellent pricing, and the best customer service. We offer tailored training courses and educational content, as well as exclusive access to our Retailer Facebook group, where you can connect with me and over 1000+ retailers worldwide.

Join the Fusion Mineral Paint™ community and take your retail business to the next level. With our support and resources, you can confidently sell the best paint products on the market and achieve great success.



Below are our answers to some frequently asked questions about why you should join us as a retailer. We want you to be passionate about Fusion™ Mineral Paint! We’re certain that once you try it, you’ll fall in love with Fusion™. Order a Retailer Trial Kit once you’ve placed your application and start falling in love…if you haven’t already!

We have several different start up options ranging from £1150 plus VAT to £2377 plus VAT. Each package contains excellent incentives, some include FREE shipping, FREE online training and more!

There is no minimum pound value for re-orders. We provide many different point of purchase materials and visual display ideas to help you increase your in store sales.

Our best Retailers are selling between £5000- £10,000 monthly! Make this dream your career and we’ll show you how!

Once you place your order through our easy to use online ordering system, you receive a confirmation email immediately.

We ship via DHL or an equivalent courier and you receive tracking information upon departure from our warehouse. Fulfilling orders takes anywhere from 1-3 business days, and then shipping time to you.

We offer a flat rate shipping charge of £10 inc VAT.

Through a recent third party sales analysis, we have learned that those Retailers who are closer to other Retailers, their overall sales were higher – for both Retailers!

We like to see our Fusion™ Family as collaborators, as a team, not as competition, without over saturating the marketplace.

We try to balance this with a customer’s need to easily access the products. By having the customers come to your store, you can provide the best solution for their project and make sure they leave with everything they need to successfully complete their project(s). It also encourages them to take a hands-on workshop!

Passion is the number 1 thing we’re looking for! If you’re willing to invest in Fusion™, we’re willing to reinvest in you, and we do that through our incredible Retailer Support.

We include with your order Online Training. The more you invest in yourself with our Online Education, the more money you will make through increased sales, up selling in store by ensuring your customers get everything they need to complete their project and return as happy customers!

Our objective is to enable each Retailer to be able to confidently use all Fusion™ products and answer questions about them to properly support their customers.

We ask that you have a store with the ability to offer workshops. A small space is all you need. Those Retailers who offer workshops on average sell 3 X more product than those who don’t. Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered when it comes to teaching workshops from ideas to step-by-step guidance.

When you become a Fusion™ Retailer you gain exclusive access to an entire Exclusive Merchant only Resources website that helps not only your Fusion™ sales, but your business as well. Here is a snippet of what you will gain access to:

Merchandising Tips Social Media Support Sales Tips Workshops Instructor and Student Guides- just print and you’re ready to start your workshops!

Access to Fusion™ Photography and Branding, for use on your websites and social media. Nearly 1000 images are available for use all by a professional photographer!

Access to a Workshop and Product Ambassador to help you make the most selling Fusion™ Mineral Paint!

Our main goal is to partner with shops that have a physical retail space, where the staff are trained on our product lines and available to offer customer support in store.

It’s also ideal if a space is available on-site, or close by, where workshops can be hosted. You are also welcome to sell this product on your own website using our images and photography.

Absolutely, we encourage it!

We want you to have full confidence in the quality of the Fusion™ line before committing to selling it in your store. We have made a potential retailer kit available for you to purchase at a discounted price. Once you try it, we know you’ll love it and want to sell it in your store! Try out the Fusion™ Retailer Trial Kit.

Benefits of Becoming a Fusion Stockist

  • Access to exclusive Retailer Online training- no need to travel for training
  • All products handmade in North America
  • Single unit ordering & flat rate shipping
  • Be a one stop shop for paint and DIY accessories with our offerings
  • 100’s of Fusion Mineral Paint images for marketing purposes
  • Professional point of purchase marketing materials
  • True to colour Fan Decks and Colour Cards
  • Highly active social media presence on multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok
  • Workshop ideas and support for in-person classes
  • Exclusive Retailer Facebook Group with 1000+ members
  • Store listing on our Retailer Map system 
  • Monthly exclusive newsletter communications 
  • And so much more! 


We’re certain that once you try it, you’ll fall in love with Fusion™.
Order a Retailer Trial Kit once you’ve placed an application and start falling in love…if you haven’t already!