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Get creative with our Pouring Resin and create beautiful glossy art on canvas or wood.

Our resin mixes seamlessly with Fusion – add a few drops of your favourite colour, stir, then pour, tilt, settle, and voila!

Have fun and add shimmer with our metallics!

Add our Cell Enhancer to increase cell formations and unique flows in your piece!

Application ToolPoured on
Re-coat Time2-8 hours
Dry Time2-8 hours
Top CoatNot required
Clean UpWater
Coverage25 sq.ft. 
Recommended UsesCreating acrylic pour art; clear glossy topcoat; can be mixed with paint to create custom colours
Can Be Applied ToAny paint-ready surface. Do not apply to oil or wax surfaces
Can Be Painted OverYes
Cure Time21 days
Maintenance/ CleaningMild soap and water

Pouring Resin is an acrylic pouring medium for creating beautiful art on canvas or wood, and dries with a glossy finish. Our resin mixes seamlessly with Fusion to create unique acrylic pours. Simply add a few drops of your desired paint colour into the pouring resin, stir, then pour, tilt and have the paint pour settle to a thin layer. Unleash your creativity! Want to enhance the look of your pours to the next level? Try adding our cell enhancer to increase the look of paint separation.


Can be used on its own as a finish or topcoat over Fusion Mineral Paint for a high gloss finish. 

Want to enhance the look of your pours to the next level? Try adding our cell enhancer to increase the look of paint separation. 

Cell Enhancer

Looking to add a little bit of an extra effect for your Fusion acrylic pour art? Our Cell Enhancer is the product you need.  It is made of high-grade silicone oil that will enhance, enlarge, and increase the number of cells within your Pouring Resin art application.  Simply add a couple of drops to each mixed colour, and let the Cell Enhancer do the rest.

Please note: you can not paint over a surface that includes our Cell Enhancer.

If using Cell Enhancer, afterwards be sure to wipe those areas clean with a bit of rubbing alcohol to remove the shiny wet look.


For best results make sure to stir the Pouring Resin before using.  Best used on a horizontal surface for best application as Pouring Resin is self-levelling. It is not recommended to use a brush at any time.

To add colour, add a couple of drops of any Fusion Mineral Paint to tint the Resin (no more than 10% paint ratio).  You want to use very little paint so that the product flows.

Tap the surface to settle air any bubbles.


1 Container will do several pieces of Canvas or a medium size table top.

It can be used on canvas, furniture, or any surface that Fusion sticks to.  It finishes to a very durable, glossy finish. You can even paint over top of it for a multi-dimensional look.

  • Dries to a durable glossy finish
  • Easy to use
  • No topcoat needed
  • Non-toxic

Our Pouring Resin is primarily for use in acrylic pours. If you don’t know what an acrylic pour is – check them out here on YouTube because there are endless techniques and looks you can obtain! Our Pouring Resin can also be used as a high-gloss top coat.

How can I increase the colour cells in my acrylic pour?

If you want larger cells, add a couple of drops of our Cell Enhancer to your resin/Fusion mix.

Can I mix this with Fusion Mineral Paint?

Definitely! Our paint is so pigmented that you really only need a couple of drops to pigment the Pouring Resin.

Can I use this over Fusion Mineral Paint?

Yep! It makes a great top coat, or you can use Fusion as a base for your acrylic pour.

Can I use Fusion Mineral Paint over this?

You can! It makes a really cool effect when you stencil over it because the Pouring Resin is a high gloss finish and Fusion is matte.

Read all about the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.


Available in 500ml.

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