Versoshield PRO


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This is such a comfortable visor that is adjustable and easy to wear, but most importantly will protect you from COVID-19.

The Versoshield has been designed and made in the UK by a leading medical product design company to protect workers, sales staff and the general public from COVID-19.

Keeping you and your business moving through this difficult time.

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What it does

The COVID-19 Mask (as worn by B&Q staff)  Versoshield, has been designed and developed specifically for the working environment to protect retail sales staff from a general public who may or may not be infected and general workforces alike. Versoshield enables the wearer and colleagues to work together in close proximity in as normal a way as possible. The product has an aesthetic design that has been specifically developed not to look like surgical equipment so that it can be accepted as a “the new short term normal”, without creating alarm to the public or co-workers. For specific clients, Versoshield could be customised and branded to fit with a client’s brand colour way and image.


Comfort for extended use

Versoshield has an adjustable headband that is designed to fit all adults, male or female. The headband has a soft comfort pad at the front which promotes airflow to reduce discomfort and sweating. Versoshield has been designed to be comfortable and enable long durations of use to facilitate being worn in working environments. The screen is adjustable to enable the user to find the optimum position for their comfort and their working environment. Each Versoshield headband has its own card insert with position for name and ID number, so that it can be identified by its specific user, so preventing cross contamination. The screen itself sits a specific distance from the face to enable both protection and comfort in use.


Key Benefits:

More effective than a face mask

Protects eyes, nose and mouth

Comfortable during long-term use

Fully adjustable to fit most adults

Enables people to work together in as normal manner as possible

Easy to clean and sanitise

Unique identification tag holder


How it works

Versoshield is more effective than a face mask and works in multiple ways, its creates a barrier between the user and the outside environment as a splash guard. This stops infected moisture droplets reaching the user and being absorbed through the mouth, nose or eyes. It should be noted that face masks do not provide this level of protection, in particular that the eyes are not covered. Furthermore Versoshield inhibits the user from touching their face. Medical research has proven that touching contaminated surfaces, then touching ones own face is the biggest risk and the most common way COVID-19 is transmitted.


Environmental Credentials 

Just because we are in unusual times does not mean we can forget about our planet. Versoshield is designed to be robust and last as long as this situation does, it’s not a single use disposable solution. It is made from completely recyclable medical grade materials under medical ISO13485 manufacturing procedures here in the UK. The material contains anti-microbial
additives to protect against microbes on the surfaces. We have ensured the most ecological considerate methods on manufacture to reduce its carbon footprint and ensured Versoshield is completely recyclable. Versoshield can enter the normal recycling stream. If when the crisis is over you would like to ensure your Versoshield is recycled, please send it back to us directly and we will ensure every part of the product is recycled. Our mission is to protect the planet as well as the public.


How to clean it

Cleaning Versoshield could not be more simple. Soap and water is all it takes, while you are at it give your hands a good scrub as you should be doing during this period in any case.