BUILT-IN Top Coat For Amazing Durability

Often I’m asked how durable is Fusion Mineral Paint? It is so durable that you can use it for so many different projects, whether your kitchen cabinets, some pieces of furniture, or even your front door. Your options are limitless with Fusion, and it’s exceptionally durable because of the raw materials and ingredients that we use. One of our main ingredients is our 100% acrylic, which means it will have a fantastic adhesion and an exceptional long-lasting, ultra-durable finish.

So how long exactly will Fusion Mineral Paint last? That depends on the project and what you’re doing. For example, if you’re going to paint a floor, it will get much more wear and tear than maybe a side table and a bedside cabinet would. So keep in mind precisely what the project is that you’re doing.

What if I want more protection?

We have our Fusion Tough Coat for extra ultra-durability, and many people often ask, do I have to top coat? You do not need to with Fusion Mineral Paint because we have a built-in topcoat with our 100% acrylic, and it is waterproof paint. If you want to have additional durability and not worry about any nicks or scratches, putting on an extra clear coat of Tough Coat never hurts.

Tough Coat comes in two finishes; Matte and Glossy. Perfect for those high traffic surfaces such as tabletops, flooring, doors etc. This non-yellowing water-based wipe on sealer is easily applied with a damp sponge and dries to a matte or glossy finish.

Does Fusion go Yellow?

You can use Fusion Mineral Paint on many different types of projects, interior or exterior, and it will last because of the beautiful minerals we use. So when you talk about UV resistance, natural minerals will also protect against any colour changes. So it’s going to last you outside much longer than many other conventional paints on the market. So when we’re talking about durability, we’re also talking about how long it will last.

One of the factors that we often think about is that it will go yellow over time; many paints on the market do change. Why? Because of their ingredients, we use only 100% acrylic, which means it’s non-yellowing, and we don’t have to worry about our beautiful white kitchen cabinets going yellow over time.

Now let me tell you a bit about the difference between dry time versus curing time because this is one of the most critical aspects of durable paint. Dry time is when dry to the touch. After 20 to 30 minutes, you’ve got the water evaporating from the paint, and it’s dry to the touch. However, it’s still very fragile at its absolute core. So what you want to do is give it cure time before you start using it or washing it. You want to give it some time.

How long does Fusion take to cure?

Curing time is approximately 21 days across all acrylic paints on the market. Another factor that sets Fusion Mineral Paint apart from the competitors is that we have virtually no VOCs in our formula. And that’s important because when we’re talking about durability and adhesion, a lot of our competitors will use more toxic chemicals and fillers. And by us using that 100% pure acrylic, that’s what gives Fusion the adhesion. So we don’t have to use any of those harsh chemicals, resulting in a virtually zero VOC formulation. And just like with any other paints on the market, you’re going to get the most durability by adding a second coat and another layer on there just for added protection and durability. And remember, Fusion is waterproof and has that built-in topcoat, so you don’t need to add anything else. 



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